Freya Gallows

Timeless quality by Bkkr

Bkkr is a photographer from Cape Town. He loves the special timeless quality of film photography and getting to work with new personalities and faces in front of his camera. She came to South ...
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Ethan Covey Elaina

Space (1999) by Ethan Covey

Space (1999) is a series of intimate portraits shot on medium format film stock. The shoot was a collaborative improvisation between Elaina and Ethan Covey. They met each other at her flat in Brooklyn, ...
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Emma CervanovΓ‘

Artistic studio by Yrka Pictured Prague

In his head, he has the idea to arrange some shooting in artistic studio for 5 years, finally - nowadays he has found the right place for his realisation. For shooting he used Canon ...
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Happy Easter by Lichterwaldt

During his stay in Madrid, Lichterwaldt met Awa and invited her to his flat to do this story. In a commodious attic apartment with great windows in center they talked, laughed, jumped around and ...
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Anastasia Ponomareva Erfurt

Apple pie story by Kucil Photography

Flour, couple of eggs, apples and a sexy girl is the best receipt for a warm apple pie - thought Chris. So he asked Anastasia to prepare a dessert. Here you can see the ...
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Tiffany Nguyen

Hotel windows by Juan Castenada

A spontaneous trip to the city led to a flawless shoot with Tiffany and Juan. With good vibes flowing and the sun piercing through the hotel window, that day was nothing short from perfection ...
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Another week by Vanja Jimmy Ivosevic

It was a Monday, a start of another week with of cold weather. Well he guess it’s time for trip to the capital. Vanja decided to rent an apartment in Belgrade and called Nevena ...
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Luca Cadamuro

Sunset beach by Luca Cadamuro

Luca Cadamuro a professional photographer from Northern Italy. This series he shot of Elisa, an Italian girl with whom he spent an intimate moment off the northeastern Italian sea. This story is not a ...
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Nastya Dashkevich

Morning Calisthenics by Dmitriy K.

This mini project is rather ironical, it is about that morning ritual of modern young urban individual consist from coffee and cigarettes, not from physical exercises. The idea came from observing real life of ...
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Carlo Corbisiero

Bay of Naples by Carlo Corbisiero

The Bay of Naples is a gorgeous inlet off the Tyrrhenian Sea, part of the Mediterranean. It is situated southwest of the city of Naples and measures approximately 10 miles wide & 20 miles ...
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Morgane Walbrecq

Something more by Julien LRVR

Julien met Moragne on instagram, simply sent a message to shoot. She said "ok"! So Julien booked a room in a brussels's hotel. The sun was nice, room was beautiful and Morgane was amazing ...
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adolfo valente applepie mag

An apartment in Milan by Adolfo V.

A simple apartment in Milan, natural light from a window and an extraordinary model, made free to move and to interpret her sensuality in the most natural & spontaneous way. That's the kind of ...
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juliana urbina applepie mag

A delicate flower by Christopher Paul

She’s the girl that arrives like a delicate flower, yet with a flicker of a smile, I saw the whole universe inside of her. The day was hot, the villa grand. We played and ...
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Aaron Kohler

Awaken memories by Aaron Kohler

A kind of light spread out form her and everything changed color. The world opens out and the day was good to awaken too. There were no limits to anything. She is interesting, endless ...
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Will Navarro Photography

Just let it rain by Will Navarro

Will Navarro met Victoria on this rained out cloudy day. A stay home kind of day, so how about a shoot? The bedroom, living room and even the balcony were in play. Soft and ...
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Juan Castaneda Ashely McElro

Airstream diaries by Juan Castaneda

Morning couldn't be any better on that Sunday. Perfect weather that made a beautiful soft box in the sky. Ashley and Juan had talked about making this happen only a short time before. The ...
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Barbara Tatalovic

Give a smile by Vanja Jimmy Ivosevic

Barbara Tatalovic is a Paris based model and they have got to know each other via social medias. Not long time after, Vanja was getting so excited about meeting up with her, as he ...
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Maria Kotylevskaja

You’re a star! by Maria Kotylevskaja

Maria Kotylevskaja is a photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. She was fascinated by Alicia’ s look from the start! Her pale skin, the big lips and intense eyes made her such an sublime model, ...
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submission AgustΓ­n MΓ©ndez

Seventh floor by AgustΓ­n MΓ©ndez

AgustΓ­n MΓ©ndez is a photographer and designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Shooting 35 mm portraits is what he loves most, this series with her was a very relaxed and intimate one, they did it ...
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Kogutova Arina Yana Mustafina

Muse on tour by Kogutova Arina

Arina Kogutova is a Russian fashion and lifestyle photographer, currently based in Bali, Indonesia. Most important in her work is to open personality of the muse and to show the natural light that is ...
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khschroeder applepiemag

Canon Rebel by Kai-Hendrik Schroeder

Kai is 23 year old photographer based in Hamburg. He has done a lot of Homestory-kind-of Shootings last year and published his first book called "Candyland". At the moment he is working on a ...
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