adolfo valente applepie mag

An apartment in Milan by Adolfo V.

A simple apartment in Milan, natural light from a window and an extraordinary model, made free to move and to interpret her sensuality in the most natural & spontaneous way. That's the kind of ...
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juliana urbina applepie mag

A delicate flower by Christopher Paul

She’s the girl that arrives like a delicate flower, yet with a flicker of a smile, I saw the whole universe inside of her. The day was hot, the villa grand. We played and ...
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Aaron Kohler

Awaken memories by Aaron Kohler

A kind of light spread out form her and everything changed color. The world opens out and the day was good to awaken too. There were no limits to anything. She is interesting, endless ...
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Will Navarro Photography

Just let it rain by Will Navarro

Will Navarro met Victoria on this rained out cloudy day. A stay home kind of day, so how about a shoot? The bedroom, living room and even the balcony were in play. Soft and ...
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Juan Castaneda Ashely McElro

Airstream diaries by Juan Castaneda

Morning couldn't be any better on that Sunday. Perfect weather that made a beautiful soft box in the sky. Ashley and Juan had talked about making this happen only a short time before. The ...
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Barbara Tatalovic

Give a smile by Vanja Jimmy Ivosevic

Barbara Tatalovic is a Paris based model and they have got to know each other via social medias. Not long time after, Vanja was getting so excited about meeting up with her, as he ...
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Maria Kotylevskaja

You’re a star! by Maria Kotylevskaja

Maria Kotylevskaja is a photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. She was fascinated by Alicia’ s look from the start! Her pale skin, the big lips and intense eyes made her such an sublime model, ...
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submission Agustín Méndez

Seventh floor by Agustín Méndez

Agustín Méndez is a photographer and designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Shooting 35 mm portraits is what he loves most, this series with her was a very relaxed and intimate one, they did it ...
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Kogutova Arina Yana Mustafina

Muse on tour by Kogutova Arina

Arina Kogutova is a Russian fashion and lifestyle photographer, currently based in Bali, Indonesia. Most important in her work is to open personality of the muse and to show the natural light that is ...
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khschroeder applepiemag

Canon Rebel by Kai-Hendrik Schroeder

Kai is 23 year old photographer based in Hamburg. He has done a lot of Homestory-kind-of Shootings last year and published his first book called "Candyland". At the moment he is working on a ...
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Michael Taborsky Melina Haskic

Instantly connect by Michael Taborsky

Melina and I know each other for quite some time now and we instantly connected as we both love to photograph with each other and food. There hasn’t been a shoot where we didn’t ...
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Marc Mähler Miri Be Bochum

Blonde short hair by Marc Maehler

Sunday morning, they drank a lot of coffee, talked a lot about traveling and he decide to take some pictures at Miri's Appartement in Herne. In memory of Summer days and far away, warm ...
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submission online-magazine

Jade & Riley by Joseph Hasenauer

Philadelphia artist, Joseph Hasenauer started out in illustration, but his career has given him the opportunity to work in print design, photography, painting and filmmaking. No matter what medium he is working in it ...
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Roberto Pacurucu

Guayaquil by Roberto Pacurucu

Roberto Pacurucu a 20 and he lives in Guayaquil, Ecuador. He has been taking pictures since he was 15. About his work he could say that he always look for spontaneity and naturalness. He ...
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David Collier Bella Donovan

Super chilled by David Collier

David Collier is based in Sydney Australia and he shoots a lot of 35mm film as well as digital. This is from a series all shot in Sydney with Bella who from the get ...
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John Riggs Luna Paris

Good morning neighbors by John R.

In that story, Luna (the muse) wake early the morning when the sun is up, to tease, and show the beauty of her modesty throught the window. Captured by the french photographer John R ...
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Guy Clark Céline Barre

New York New York by Guy Clark

She meet Guy Clark in summer 2016, he suggested me coming to join him in London to realize a session of photos which really tells a story as a sequence of a movie. They ...
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Guillaume applepiemag

Two Hours with Chanel by Guillaume

He spent some days in Amsterdam, he was lucky to met this cutie chick and work with her, simple and spontaneous. All they needed was one room, her smile and some light. Perfect moment ...
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Shades of Beauty bianca.puchmueller

Sensual desire by Shades of Beauty

Gregor felt very lucky, that upcoming model Bianca had time to meet in this hotelroom in downtown graz the other evening. Her beauty and sensuality filled the room immediately and she made it very ...
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Ilya Bukowski _karinaaa.vl

The land of smiles by Ilya Bukowski

Beautiful does not quite do it justice. Are there any words to describe the spirit of that island? Paradise, perhaps? Check Ilya's colorful editorial on the surreal island. He is based in St. Petersburg ...
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Oriana Birgen Ben MuelleR

Étang du Stock by Ben Müller

Ben Müller an available light photographer, based in Saarbrücken and Köln (Cologne) in Germany. He met Oriana in 2015 when she worked as a workshop model for him. At the end of the summer ...
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