Thailand by Seeyoulater Initaly

Seeyoulater Initaly Ph, Italian photographer working between Europe and Asia and collaborating with various magazines. The winter in Milan is cold and grey, although there are much less crowds. Therefore they have created a ...
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Mathilde Mauget model

She is free by Mathilde Biron

A mermaid in the sea, she wears a wedding dress, which she leaves in the water. She plays with the shadows of her body, her hair in the cool wind. She is free. Cold ...
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Nicole Berg model

On the balcony by Stefan Salich

Stefan and Nicole stayed for a week in a nice accommodation in Croatia near Pula. Croatia, summer, they expected one week of sunny weather. But the weather conditions wasn’t that good. In the late ...
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phoebelipcar editorial

Some fun at home by David Collier

Phoebe and David had some contact ages ago and then recently as he just returned to Sydney from Europe so they set up this fun easy shoot for a couple of hours. As usual ...
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Ghostie editorial milan

What is nude? by P. Bertazza

What is intimacy? In this shooting with Serena, the Italian photographer P. Bertazza tried to immortalize scenes of everyday life, the body in his more spontaneous form. Nude is not something to censored, to ...
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Madison Flowers model

The grittiness by Clay Fields

They both loved the grittiness and framing and decide to play off that for the theme of the shoot. A lot of that inspiration oddly came from a shared favorite movie called ‘Good Time’ ...
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lemonbahaya barcelona editorial

Abby in Barcelona by David Collier

David Collier has just got back to Australia after a 2 month vacation to India, Spain and France. He set up the shoot with Abby when he was in Barcelona. As usual he just ...
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daretaylorofficial model

San Fernando by Kevin Weinert

Kevin Weinert is an LA photographer that loves to capture a natural vibe with each shoot. It’s sometimes hard to find the right model to portray this, but he felt “lucky” when Dare Taylor ...
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Juliette Hardy model

A free women by Jean Roche

The beach at Biarritz, on France’s Basque coast, is known as La Côte des Basques and has long been a playground for free souls. Walking on the beach as a free women is pretty ...
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misslni pitty nyc

King in Manhattan by Pritty

The shoot was inspired by the movie Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. The water fountain shot was loosely replicated by King in this cinematic 35mm set as portrayed by Ethan Hawke in the movie ...
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chrisabatzis mariaknmodel

The hallway by Chris Abatzis

Want to exploring Berlin city at night? Here is the best thing to do in Berlin at night. Maria and Chris Abatzis met under the neon lights of the hallway to explore the most ...
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Madison Flowers model

Get Your Kicks by Clay Fields

A lot of that inspiration oddly came from a shared favorite movie called ‘Good Time’ with Robert Pattinson. They both loved the grittiness and framing and decide to play off that for the theme ...
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effi_hsintzu model

Wanna have fun by Randy Wei

This set is the side project of Effi’s photo session. The whole session was shot using 2 digital cameras, and i brought a little point&shoot film camera for fun and candid photos. Actually that ...
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Tiff Do model new york

Rooftop Views by Justin W. King

Justin W. King arrived at Tiff Do’s Brooklyn apartment where they decided to shoot film photography on her rooftop. Tiff was in her element and had no shame flashing bystanders from above. Justin had ...
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kailegoh model editorial

Energy with flash by Gavin Millette

Capturing rockstar energy with flashin a dark, pink airbnb on Hollywood and franklin. Gavin Millette and Kaile weren’t strangers. They have been shooting together for years and knew exactly what they wanted to capture ...
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moiz model editorial

Good morning by Lucif de King

Lucif de King accidentally knew Moiz through Facebook. They talked a bit and he asked her for an cooperation for a photoshoot, but she denied. The week after, he tried to talk to her ...
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thanh le dancer editorial

A lovely girl by Lucif de King

Thanh Lê is a dance student. She has a really nice body with shape and curves. Moreover, the way she talks, a little bit shy, soft voice and a smile. She said she’s just ...
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Sofi and her sister

Sofi and her sister by Cyril Pérez

Can you tell me something about your sister? Sofi and her sister met Cyril Pérez in a modern apartment to take some sensual pictures. Check out prettie girls from Chile from Chile captured by ...
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Balthazar Simóes

Nia Roman by Balthazar Simoes

This Editorial was made to represent Brooklyn. Nia is less interested in exploring “ideas” than she is exploring people. Nia is a living, breathing work of art. Balthazar Simoes wanted to focus on capturing ...
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lizzie editorial

Nothing to hide by Lucif de King

Lizzie loves to be free, no clothes, nothing to hide. She has a boyfriend and Lucif de King asked her does she afraid if her boyfriend knows she taking nude photos. But what she ...
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missfrabjous editorial hamburg

Dope Lemon by Daniel Menzel

Do you like Tarantino? Daniel and Chrissi both do – maybe that’s why they quickly could agree on a general theme for their second shoot. Between lots of talking about music, movies and life, ...
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