missygeorgia model

For some time by Bill Hart-French

Georgia is English and lives in a studio in North London. She is a model and a photographer – a very good photographer. She shoots fashion. Bill and Georgia had been in touch online ...
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Missing the freedom by Gildo Cassimo

Djamila is an experienced and professional dancer. It´s always a pleasure shooting with her. In times of corona everybody is missing the freedom of enjoying life and we all are looking forward to come ...
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Rehearsed steps by Pritty

A casual stroll around the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona captured on 35mm film. The crowd’s favorite, Spilled Milk, rouses the crowd in the quiet neighborhood in perfect 74 degree weather. Phoenix is a great ...
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Skye Blue star model

Junker backyard by Pritty

Glendale is a city in Los Angeles County, California. Captured on film in a junker backyard of an artist’s loft. The ruggedness of the location was perfect in juxtaposition with Skye’s display of femininity ...
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kate true love editorial

A beautiful evening by Joerg Dumkow

When Joerg saw Kate for the first time, he knew that he really wanted to shoot a series with her. It was a beautiful evening, when they met and so they decided to do ...
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lizzieleemodel The Angry Diesel Mechanic

Lizzie Lee by The Angry Diesel Mechanic

The Angry Diesel Mechanic is an ornery character usually covered in dirt and oil but he also has a soft side. He loves the soft touch of beautiful light and the perfect form of ...
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Joseph Sifuentes lapacciale

Alessandra Paccini by Joseph Sifuentes

Before quarantine Joseph Sifuentes and Alessandra Paccini could enjoy the sunset and the sea breeze in Lima, Peru. Moments of freedom, which today unfortunately only occur in dreams. Hopefully time will soon change again ...
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hopelesssofrantic model

Morning glory by Pritty

Suburban morning shoot in the town of Corona where they were greeted by the fresh smell of manure breezed over from the neighborhood farmlands whilst the sun slowly crept up over the fence on ...
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david collier editorial

Via Facetime by David Collier

So with what is going on in this world with no jobs and a crazy time in the world David Collier decided to try to do a FaceTime shoot with Katy, they are both ...
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tsar madoff skype shooting

Shared moments by Tsar Madoff

Tsar Madoff and Lola use to say that time flies, but those days, time is frozen. They have to much time but they don’t know what to do with it. But each instant remain ...
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Apple Pie Magazine

Monday morning by Apple Pie Mag

“Just call me”, Zoë wrote on Instagram. It was a beautiful Monday morning in San Francisco and you could feel the heat through the screen. Everything was actually quite normal, though the difference was ...
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xavier editorial

A huge mansion by Xavier

Charlotte is both model and photographer. They had planned to collaborate for a few months, and they made it happen in a huge mansion. Charlotte and Xavier stayed there for a few hours, exploring ...
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Antoine R.T. paris

Daria Lytvyn by Antoine R.T.

This was the last shoot with Daria Lytvyn before Paris went into quarantine. The city usually attracts creatives, artists, models from all over the world and is like a never-ending party for those who ...
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Phoenix, AZ

The light patterns by Zinzan Wolf

Zinzan Wolf and Angelica shot this in Phoenix, AZ in February of this year. It was getting very late in the afternoon and they were losing light quickly when this set was shot. He ...
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yessthetica model

Jess Manthey by Jose Pina

This set was shot on a very rainy day in February 2020 in José’s room in his shared apartment, after a talk in a Café downstairs in Berlin. They talked about to shoot some ...
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daniweigel stayathome

Stay at home by Dani Weigel

Dani and Ney stay at home. Even if the current situation is desperate they now get the chance to slow down since a long time. You don‘t miss anything out there. They get the ...
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Sesja Agnieszka

Morning in Warsaw by Marcin Wolinski

Warsaw, the capital of Poland is a city that defeated its own history and now it’s fascinating through the blend of historical streets and buildings. It was a very cold and rainy morning in ...
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kailegoh model

Underboob & Attitude by Gavin Millette

Gavin & Kaile had access to a very cool bedroom and took advantage of it. The decore was so in your face that they decided to do a subtle crop look with a little ...
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singer sun joy bar

We got no money by Motel Room 27

Take your time, don’t be afraid to try We got no money, but that’s fine As long as I got you by my side. You showed me the world throw your eyes, It’s wild ...
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lou_ses model

Let the natural play by Xavier

Xavier found a house in Paris, with large openings, perfect for a shooting with natural light. Lou is one of his favorite model, very graceful, and such an attractive gaze. They spent the afternoon ...
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Barbara G Nizhniy Novgorod

Photos on film by Vanya Somevan

In the center of Nizhny Novgorod, Vanyas friends have a beautiful workshop in which they create their work on canvas. Barbara came in very beautiful Fila sneakers in white and he immediately wanted to ...
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