Matthew Ciminero Annalisawagner

Park Slope by Matthew Ciminero

Matthew C. an Orthopaedic Surgery resident and photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. He was born & raised in Miami and started out shooting film of landscapes and portraits of locals when he would travel ...
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Berlin with Wanda by Riccardo Ulpts

Riccardo Ulpts, a German photographer who also worked for 5 years as an international model now travels around the globe to work as an entrepreneur in photography. Most of his time he spent in Bali ...
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Jakub Taylor Phoebe Peer

Accept that invitation by Jakub T.

Jakub Taylor a photographer from Manchester, England likes to captures models in their home environment where they feel must comfortable. He feels this brings out the best in personalities. Phoebe invited him into her ...
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Dominik Leiner Alicia Glinicki

Laundry Room by Dominik Leiner

Dominik Leiner is a lifestyle photographer based in Hamburg. He and Alicia connected on Instagram and met spontaneously during her stay in Hamburg. They both were always randomly fascinated by the same retro-looking laundry ...
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Lukas Becker ramona_kr

Two weeks ago by Lukas Becker

Lukas Becker is an available light photographer, based in the middle of Germany – in Kassel. He had known Ramona quite a while trough Instagram. Two weeks ago they did the editorial in her ...
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Cezar Banaszczyk applepie magazine

Celebrating youth by Cezar Banaszczyk

Cezar a photographer based in central London, he has been shooting since he was 14 and whilst studying at University of the Arts London he completely fell in love with photographing people. This shoot ...
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Lisa Marie by Jan Krueck

Breakfast at Lisa Marie’s by Jan Krueck

As Lisa lives quite far away from my place I went there in the evening, we had a blast with lots of red wine and heavy talking. We started the next morning much later ...
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Nico Westlicht Azusa Higa

Summertime Memories by Nico Westlicht

Nico is a self-taught portrait and nude photographer based in the Netherlands. His aim is to create genuine representation of female beauty as is, in its simplicity. For this reason he prefers analogue film ...
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Méline Carmona Shot by f.

Simplicity, no bullsh*t by Shot by f.

Fred – Shot by f. is a photographer from Belgium. I do portraits, lifestyle, weddings. Simplicity & minimalist thats he tries to show it in his work with Méline Carmona. Simplicity, no bullsh*t, no ...
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Svetlana Zivojinovic @ Demons Model Management

I’ll keep you wild by Vanja “Jimmy” Ivosevic

Vanja “Jimmy” Ivosevic is a Serbia based photographer. In his work he tends to bring out the model’s personality and character that is the main inspiration and drive force for most of his shoots ...
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Tristan Jabiol apple pie magazine

On a journey by Tristan Vannes

The Bardenas Reales is a semi desert natural region, or badlands, of some 42.000 hectares in southeast Navarre (Spain). During their journey he took the pictures. Pretty girls and a sublime scenery. Have a ...
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Alex Haala Photography

Mellow Daze by Alex Haala

The sun was peeking over the Rooftops of Düsseldorf when I met Eliya in this small and cozy 2 Room Apartment. The light was perfect and we had like 1 or 2 hours to ...
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Damon Hall-Booth Marie Sauvage

In the middle of nowhere by Damon H.

“Oh how i love shooting in models apartments. Please make my spare key – I heard you like to travel.” During Marie’ trip to New York City Damon Hall-Booth did that sensual editorial. Thanks ...
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Klaudia Kaźmierczak Mateusz Smoczynski

The Closer You Get by Mateusz Smoczynski

Mateusz Smoczynski based in Poland, drawn to natural light and fresh energy. He always tries to build a certain mood in a shoot by building a vague narrative. In everything he is looking for ...
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Nicoline Aagesen my camery my rules

Beautiful mermaids Part II by MCMR

Beautiful mermaids Part II – A salty pirate needs a beautiful mermaid. So be a mermaid and make some waves. Nicoline Aagesen aka “my camera my rules” and seven of her mermaids had fun ...
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Martina Wirth nude

Hooked on Martina by Malte Hellfritz

Malte Hellfritz a photographer based near Heidelberg, Germany. Martina and Malte hooked up and did a session featuring various vegetables. Long story short. Stay healthy eat some vegetables and watch this pictures – hooked ...
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Errico Fabio Russo Sasha Padalko

To Rome with Love by Errico Fabio Russo

A story from Errico, a skilled photographer from Italy. In a small cozy flat somewhere in Rome. The images show exciting perspectives with a modern, contemporary photo esthetic that doesn’t look posed, but naturally ...
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Eduardo Perez Gereda Dorayma Mercado

Dorayma’s Gold Fish by Eduardo Perez G.

Eduardo Perez Gereda, a young photographer and story teller from Puerto Rico. As a photographer I always try for my photos to tell a story, and try for them to look like stills from ...
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Charlie Foster spinacosa

Alive and kicking by Charlie Foster

The history of an alive and kicking woman. Barbara she is an epicurean, she lives her life with strong hands. Barbara it’s the woman whom we would like to have. But it’s a woman ...
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Alexander Tull Amie Newson

Sunday of Spring by Alexander Tull

An afternoon with Amie and a bunch for vintage clothes (Milly + Wolf Vintage) exploring the first sunny Sunday of Spring. Alexander Tull is a 24 year old photographer and filmmaker, currently living in ...
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Yoshiro angelsetfree

“Wake up!” Ariel by Yoshiro

Some mermaids do get out of the water. Switzerland based and raised photographer Yoshiro was able to catch one of them in the early morning hours: Ariel came ashore in Zurich and stayed overnight ...
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