Sunkissed Bliss by Alexander Tull Apple Pie Magazine

Sunkissed Bliss by Alexander Tull

A windy but hot summer day down the south coast of New South Wales, at some of the whitest sand beaches in the world. Alexander Tull is a 24 year-old photographer and filmmaker, currently ...
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The time to leave by Artem Ishchenko

They say that you can find your true inner mission everywhere in this world. I say sometimes it is just the time to leave all behind and to sail away to a place where ...
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Ilya Bukowski

Near the airport by Ilya Bukowski

St. Petersburg, in the middle of a field close to the local airport, where planes depart minute per minute, this Editorial was created by russian Ilya Bukowski and his Team- Dmirey Gray and Anna ...
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Apple Pie Magazine

Paisley tunika by Anna Dyszkiewicz

Anna Dyszkiewic, a photographer based in Poland met Klaudia in her Studio in Poznan. After a short chat, they decided to work with natural lights only. Soft moods, but nothing fancy. The aerial fabric ...
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