Geek girl wants to be bad

All about books & comics by Nikita

This is a story about a girl who loves comics. And one day, Polina decided to come up with a story where all the characters will be played by her. Geek girl wants to ...
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ney riven editorial germany

Last days of summer by HellFox

Last days of summer. Joerg met and the beautiful model Ney to shoot an editorial. It is a so warm day so Joerg decided to capture her in the sunny bedroom. Enjoy the sunshine ...
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polina stancheva sofia

Sofia Finest by Christoph Raddatz

“Sofia Finest” simply took place in Christoph Raddatz new apartment in which he moved in a few weeks ago. He invited Polina Stancheva over for a few shots before the apartment got furnished. polina ...
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italian model Edoscilla

Hanging around by Luca Ricagni

Luca Ricagni a 34 year old photographer from Turin, Italy shot his photo shoot in his cozy apartment in the city center, with Edoscilla. Is a part of portrait project.Just a room, a sofa, ...
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Kelly Klein by Henry-John Hon

This series was shot spontaneously in a beautiful, converted barn in the Welsh mountains – hiding from the winter cold by the log fire with cherry brandy, ginger wine and Nat King Cole on ...
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bellatrixortreat editorial

Second collaboration by Sie Ber

For our second collaboration with Sienna we were kindly hosted at the BRP studios home location. This particular set presented a challenging wall to wall mirror with a large leather couch in a relatively ...
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lolzershotyou editorial

Smiling characters by Tsar Madoff

“Un café s’il vous plait” – Tsar Madoff a lifestyle photographer based in Paris, France met Lola for a coffee A new day is like a blank piece of paper. Fill it with colors ...
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alexandra thompson

Girls down there by Chris Glass

Alexandra Thompson met the photographer Chris Glass in Los Angeles. They collaborated on outfits and ideas for this shoot and used film, instant, and digital. How are the girls down there in LA? When ...
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Omer Kaplan new york

Kate Makiela by Omer Kaplan

Omer Kaplan went to Berlin a few years ago and Kate send him a message that she wanted to collaborate, they missed each other, but then after one year Omer moved to New York ...
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The life order by Jean Claude

Freedom is defined by not following guidelines and setting yourself apart from everyone else in mind, body and spirit. True freedom is a release from restrictions and bondage. Breaking the rules and shackles of ...
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Anna Haake // Foto: Gildo Cassimo //

Photo Flamingo by Gildo Cassimo

“Show me their video and ask me to pretend it’s better than a real thing.” Anna loves Vinyls and she shows her favorite in a picture. She asks him if it’s possible to take ...
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brooklyn editorial

Nothing super planned by David Collier

NYC sure has plenty of great models that’s for sure and having Sebastian and Ivy come over for a chilled hour or so to shoot, nothing super planned and just using the spaces they ...
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laurakiviaho editorial

Got a message by Julian Schröpel

2016 I got a message from Julian. He saw something in me and asked if we could shoot together. Me, modeling? You know, I’ve never been that nervous in my life. But oh man ...
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iamexpensivelina editorial

The iconic beach by Jude P

Sa Trinxa is the iconic beach of Ibiza. But adding to it the fun, the kindness and the beauty of Carolina makes it a totally a unique experience. Believe it or not, Carolina is ...
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juliaalexandrarose editorial

Julia Alexandra Rose by Mortonovich

Mortonovich and Julia spent some time talking about the Souther California sunshine, Seattle music and coffee, and he beauty of the Old World. They also spent some time creating some beauty in this new ...
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Anna_lisa_wagner new york

Anna Lisa Wagner in NYC by Pritty

Anna Lisa was a gem. The shoot was inspired by the movie “Only God Forgives”. The lighting in the movie is a work of art on its own. The lighting paired with her unexpected ...
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Bella Donna Kansas City Normalizing Nudity

Near the backyard pool by Sie Ber

They were gifted with a glorious, bright summer day and had a lot of fun shooting around the different settings near the backyard pool. It was a true pleasure collaborating with Bella in a ...
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The sex aquarium by Pritty

The sex aquarium by Pritty

First shoot with the illustrious Collibrina. She got acquainted with the mannequin head, Sylvia, soon as the shoot started and eventually worked towards the clear acrylic coffee table appropriately named “the sex aquarium”. And ...
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cruel intensions lena berlin

Cruel intentions by Gildo Cassimo

Lena and Gildo Cassimo met the first time at her place. The weather was shiny and they were listening to his playlist, so she picked up a song called cruel intentions. That song was ...
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Sebastian Rosemarie Brooklyn NYC

Sebastian in Brooklyn by David Collier

NYC sure has plenty of great models that’s for sure and having Sebastian and Ivy come over for a chilled hour or so to shoot, nothing super planned and just using the spaces they ...
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Ariane Ganz from Stuttgart

From Stuttgart by Alwin Maigler

This is Ariane Ganz from Stuttgart, Germany. Alwin Maigler met up with her in his studio and shot a different series for a fashion designer. But he also took this trashy-series for fun. Ariane ...
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