waywardwayward mycamshoot editorial

Push him away by Lexa Kim

Go, go, go! Push him away. No, no, no! Don’t let him stay. Lexa Kim made this shoot spontaneously in Moscow, on the first day after returning from Italy. They were let down by ...
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femalenudista last day in spain

Their last day in Spain by Marcel

Mary and Marcel decided to get ready for the night early on their last day in Spain. With two hours left until dinner they loaded up the camera with their last roll of film ...
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AnxBx Foto: Gildo Cassimo

Mysterious Vibes by Gildo Cassimo

Andela and Gildo met the first time at her apartment, she also moved in a couple of months ago. As always if you meet somebody the first time for a shoot in their apartment, ...
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waves_are_free chalinebang

An empty roll by Karin Karas

There was an empty roll of Portra400 lying around in the slightly messy room in a shared flat in Sydney. We all know that nothing matches better than yellow eyeshadow and blue mascara. It ...
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madebygodd model

Her Instagram by Sascha Wintjens

The shooting with Carla was a spontaneous idea. Sascha Wintjens found her on Instagram and immediately liked her classic style along with her open nature. At Carla’s home they kept it simple and tried ...
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valentinadelarose editorial

Many conversations by Jaineel

They had planned the shoot since a month but finally they made their diaries align With the limited space they managed to make the most of it. Valentina was full of energy, they had ...
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devushcat editorial

The 007 suite by Ports By Ibra

When he knew that Lara was coming to Stockholm he knew he had to shoot with her. So he found one of the locations in the Södermalm neighberhood, in Stockholm the “007 suite” and ...
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Niklas Baumbruck vienna

Tina Ohlliger by Niklas Baumbruck

This series of Tina Ohlliger was shot in 2017 as part of her shooting trip to Austria. For this series Niklas decided to rent a special location, which he had found in the Bianco ...
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Model Liza votvobvorot

Sunny days in Lviv by Sam Kuchvara

October happened to be very hot and sunny this year. So Sam decided to meet with Liza to have a bit of wine and make some photos on a beautiful location in Lviv suburbs ...
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that carioca editorial

With a lot more by Bia Salomão

Bia Salomão creates with words and light. Besides photography, she is a philosopher, a stylist, a curator & an art director. She mixes art, fashion, literature and feminism in an unique way, using analog ...
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kidpaddle___ MOTEL ROOM 27 editorial

Abandoned water park by Motel Room 27

Shay Ri heard about an abandoned water park in the dessert and she instantly thought about shooting there, had a very specific vision. Roi is dating Sun which is one of her best childhood ...
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Geek girl wants to be bad

All about books & comics by Nikita

This is a story about a girl who loves comics. And one day, Polina decided to come up with a story where all the characters will be played by her. Geek girl wants to ...
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ney riven editorial germany

Last days of summer by HellFox

Last days of summer. Joerg met and the beautiful model Ney to shoot an editorial. It is a so warm day so Joerg decided to capture her in the sunny bedroom. Enjoy the sunshine ...
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polina stancheva sofia

Sofia Finest by Christoph Raddatz

“Sofia Finest” simply took place in Christoph Raddatz new apartment in which he moved in a few weeks ago. He invited Polina Stancheva over for a few shots before the apartment got furnished. polina ...
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italian model Edoscilla

Hanging around by Luca Ricagni

Luca Ricagni a 34 year old photographer from Turin, Italy shot his photo shoot in his cozy apartment in the city center, with Edoscilla. Is a part of portrait project.Just a room, a sofa, ...
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Kelly Klein by Henry-John Hon

This series was shot spontaneously in a beautiful, converted barn in the Welsh mountains – hiding from the winter cold by the log fire with cherry brandy, ginger wine and Nat King Cole on ...
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bellatrixortreat editorial

Second collaboration by Sie Ber

For our second collaboration with Sienna we were kindly hosted at the BRP studios home location. This particular set presented a challenging wall to wall mirror with a large leather couch in a relatively ...
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lolzershotyou editorial

Smiling characters by Tsar Madoff

“Un café s’il vous plait” – Tsar Madoff a lifestyle photographer based in Paris, France met Lola for a coffee A new day is like a blank piece of paper. Fill it with colors ...
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alexandra thompson

Girls down there by Chris Glass

Alexandra Thompson met the photographer Chris Glass in Los Angeles. They collaborated on outfits and ideas for this shoot and used film, instant, and digital. How are the girls down there in LA? When ...
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Omer Kaplan new york

Kate Makiela by Omer Kaplan

Omer Kaplan went to Berlin a few years ago and Kate send him a message that she wanted to collaborate, they missed each other, but then after one year Omer moved to New York ...
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The life order by Jean Claude

Freedom is defined by not following guidelines and setting yourself apart from everyone else in mind, body and spirit. True freedom is a release from restrictions and bondage. Breaking the rules and shackles of ...
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