Twiggy makeup Taiwan / Taipei / Taichung

Twiggy & Soy sauce by Randy Wei

Randy Wei is a freelance photographer and musician based in Taipei, Taiwan. Focusing on portraits and nude art photography, he always tries to bring something different to each session. Twiggy is a professional makeup ...
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Elodie is an experienced Belgian model

South of France by Remi Martinez

Elodie is an experienced Belgian model. She met Remi Martinez, a French photographer in Grande Motte. La Grande-Motte is a commune in southern France. It is a popular seaside resort and port, built in ...
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medomini Domini

To golden hour by Evris Pap

The session with Domini was simply great. A wonderful person with high vibes and pro behaviour. Shooting near the ancient temple of Poseidon outside from Athens in a desolate beach close to golden hour ...
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marissaslee editoria applepiemag

Her cozy apartment by Phil Chung

Phil Chung met Marissa in her apartment do shot an editorial. It was very spontaneous without any big preparation. Marissa is a professional model and it took them not even 20 minutes to get ...
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j bdoll editorial

Schoolgirl boss blues by Huy Le

This set was shot inside the ryokan Huy Le were staying at and were a fitting space as the juxtaposition between the traditional interiors against Juri’s outfit mirrors the same clash of tradition and ...
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Indonesia Lachie Car

Magic to follow by Lachie Car

Claire and Lachie Car are stoked to grow their styles together as artists. Claire is defiantly more daring. That location was not their first choice but turned out well. More magic to follow. Indonesia ...
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The Graceland Inn Nicholas James

Emma Kotos by Nicholas James

Nicholas James and Emma Kotos decided to shoot almost exclusively film, one film stock, and no studio lights at The Graceland Inn. Our initial moodboard included a lot of vintage Playboy shots. The ideas ...
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Peach Kennedy

In the afternoon by Tim Goodwin

Tim Goodwin is a photographer in New York City that’s been taking headshots, filling portfolios, and helping folks create artistic content seriously for the past ten years. He started out taking pictures of G.I ...
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dania_kr model nürnberg

Dania in Nuremberg by Tony Rudolph

Dania went to Nuremberg to visit Tony Rudolph to shoot for the first time. It was a rainy afternoon and the daylight limited. The overall atmosphere was very relaxed what created those moody authentic ...
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foxyladybabyyy model

Billie Jean. Tel Aviv by Michael Ivnitsky

Tel Aviv in August is hot and sleepy, you can feel the humidity on the back of your neck. Michael knows Billie for a couple of years and they decided to hang out with ...
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monsterqian editorial hamburg

Rooftop mornings by Daniel Menzel

The first rays of summer hit our skin as Daniel and Qian climbed upon the rooftop. On this beautiful Saturday morning they had all the time in the world to have some fun; to ...
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Federica Parmeggiani Gaia Pulitelli

Open the curtains by Marino Festuccia

Gaia has a body of a statue which she hardly shows, but in the right mood she drops her shyness and fiercely undresses her body for the ones worthy of such a vision. Federica ...
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weciun editorial berlin

Michelle Senzig by WeCiu

Simbayu, is a photographer from Germany. The impulse to Simbayu’s photos comes from the excitement and rush of emotions, light and personality that throw special characters into a unique environment. Whatever it is, it ...
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badpikahh model

With love by Lachie Car

This project has been in the making over a year and every shoot with Maria is so much fun. Titled “From Medan with love” this project aims to transport you to a foreign land ...
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julia gurovskih editorial

Film & memories by Lexa Kim

Moscow. An old apartment in the city center. A Young girl, a film and many memories. This spring was as cold as you and I. I know you’re home hopping I’m alright. How many ...
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The little party by Sam Kuchvara

A standard summer day with Gala and Sasha drinking wine and having a chat. Slightly dazed from wine girls got bored and made a proposition to make a spontaneous photoshoot. Here you can see ...
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Nirish Shakya

Francesca Milano by Nirish Shakya

Francesca is a busy businesswoman who spends most of her life in hotel rooms. Even after a busy day full of meetings, nothing pleases her more than waking up to the first rays of ...
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Nili Milner Val Thorens - France

Just wanna do ski by Omer Kaplan

Omer Kaplan was going for a ski vacation with his family and friends of theirs. The group of the girls that are in this project are the daughters of the friends of his parents ...
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michelle senzig

Rush of emotions by WeCiu

The unlimited possibilities, even if he has not found out all combinations, fascinate him again and again how angles, light, dynamics or color play a big role in his portraits. With this series we ...
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willi applepiemag editorial

A moody atmosphere by Willi

Wili and Charlotte originally planned a more natural shoot outdoor in Auckland, New Zealand but it was raining all week, the overcast weather created a moody atmosphere in the loft resulting these lovely photographs ...
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kaya_jac alisha

Natural beauty by Maria Kotylevskaja

Maria Kotylevskaja is a freelance photographer based in Berlin, Germany. Her work is focused on fashion, portraits and nude photography. She enjoys natural photography the most, because she likes to keep her models unedited ...
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