Interview: Constanza Chavarría

Name: Constanza Chavarría

Location: Argentina

Paint, cook, eat and read.

Favorite Magazine:
I don´t have a specific one. I don´t like the idea of marriage with fanatism. I like zapping in all areas of my life.

Favorite Designer:
I am not a big fan of fashion, my favorite design is the one which best suit to me.

Who is on the guest list for your ideal party?
All my friends.

What’s your favorite animal?
All of them, i love animals!

What’s the tallest building you’ve ever been on top of?
I don´t remember which building it was, but what I remember is that it felt like I was in heaven, because the only thing I could see, were clouds.

What three things do you think about most each day?
Love, personal evolution and food.

What’s your favorite song?
It depends in which moment of my life I am. I am constantly changing!

Cake or Ice Cream?
A kind of ice cream flavour that tastes like cake so I can taste both in one and so I dont have to choose. I don’t like bullying food you know.

Constanza Chavarrí Constanza Chavarrí applepie_mag_interview_con_l_03 Constanza Chavarrí Constanza Chavarrí

photographer: Pancho Monti / Argentina
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