Interview: Kristen Rodriguez

Name: Kristen Rodriguez @ Real Models Istanbul

Location: Between Spain and Milano

Running, swimmming, reading good books, going the cinema and to spend with family and the people I love

Favorite magazine:
It is the Vogue Magazine.

Favorite designer:
Michael Kors

What does a typical day look like?
Relaxing on the beach and enjoying the moment. Taking a good lunch and spending all my day reading a really good book.

Who would you love to share a tent with in the middle of nowhere under the stars?
With my boyfriend, he is really important person for me.

Describe your dream photo shoot:
I would like to make an editorial for Vogue.

Tell us something about your last shooting:
My last shooting was in París.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Kristen Rodriguez
Kristen Rodriguez
Kristen Rodriguez

photographers: Jose Ramos, Lola Weippert, Daniel Smith,
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