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Lea Jones


Favorite Designer:
I love the wedding dresses from berta, but of course there are much more.

Favorite Magazine:
Oh okay thats really difficult to answer. There are several good magazines. That also depends on the shooting category, i don’t have an explicit favorite. For boudoir stuff for example I like the rektmag or lionsmag and for beauty the ellementsmagazine, but there are much more! What I like in the Applepiemag is it’s natural charm, I like the freshness and playful side on it.

What is special about your hometown?
I think Switzerland has a very beautiful nature, like all the mountains and lakes. I also like the reliable people and that everything has its order and justice here.

What is your favorite place in your hometown?
Good question, i love it to be on the river, where everything is quite and beautiful, and where you can forget all the daily stress.

How would you describe yourself in one word?

3 things that make you feel sexy?
Sexy underwear, a seductive gaze, and yes – I plead guilty – alcohol.

Favorite food?
Cinnamon ice cream

What’s your favorite zoo animal?

What is your morning ritual?
Nothing special, stand up, wash my face, eat breakfast and most important: drink a black coffee!

Where have you never been but want to go?
Oh there are several places, for example New York, Thailand, Amsterdam, Bali…

If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
My grandpa, i’ve lost him as a very young child but somehow I remember him and never stopped miss him.

With the nice guy…
… it’s nice to live with, especially when he can be a bad boy in bed.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Puh! Don’t know if i ever had one, honestly I’m not a „gossip girl“ and up to date to celebrities and those life – but if i had to choose one i would take Matthew Bomer or maybe Channing Tatum.

5 things I can’t live without?
My boyfriend, good food, my friends, the sun and free space

What’s something you enjoy doing in your free time?
First of all it’s modeling! but i also like jogging, sunbathing, dancing, drinking a good cocktail, meet my ladies and licking (ice cream of course)

What Social Media Platform do you use?
Mainly Instagram

Snapchat or Instagram?

Are there any other links you would like to see published?
Instagram – Model, Instagram – Travel, Facebook and Patreon

Cake or ice cream?
Ice cream

Lea Jones
Lea Jones
Lea Jones Switzerland 
Lea Jones Switzerland 
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photographers: Sam Wamser and Dennis Kilch
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