Interview: Rosamina Bold

Name: Rosamina Bold

Location: Sydney, Australia

Favorite Designer:
Japanese designer like Angellic Pretty, Swan Kiss, Girly Rose, F.I.N.T. And Dyspnea, Charlotte Olympia, Lady Petrova.

Favorite Magazine:
My number one favourite magazine is definitely ‘LARME, Japan, followed by ‘NYLON’, Japan, “Vogue’, Japan, ‘Seventeen’, Japan then “Vogue’ Australia, ‘Harpers Bazaar’, Australia. 

Love the smell of…
Roses, Jasmine, Cherries, Chai & Cinnamon. My perfume and my hair. 

What’s the tallest building you’ve ever been on top of?
Park Hyatt, Tokyo 52nd level where they shot ‘Lost In Translation’. It’s absolutely breathtaking.

Who is on the guest list for your ideal party?
Does it have to be someone famous?Can it be someone who’s dead already? If the answers to my both questions are ‘yes’, I will start with Risa Nakamura, Japanese model, style icon and the star of LARME, Iris Apfel New York style icon, the Japanese  rather controversial photographer Araki, Diana Vreeland (R.I.P.), Wong Kar Wai (Hong Kong director and I am his die- hard fan),  the Hongkong actor and movie star,Tony Leung and you know what? I’d really like to meet Marylin Monroe in person. Ok, I think I will end it here before you will all think I’m completely mad. 

What is your morning ritual?
I wake up slowly. I think about my dream. I try to quickly analyse my vivid dreams as I walk to the shower. I have very sensual and refreshing warm shower. I blow dry my hair quickly. I apply body lotion to my body. Then I will boil two eggs to eat on my way to work as I have a glass of water and maybe snack on some nuts as I put SPF on my face and start with the mascara and finish it off with light powder. I dress up and I jam everything in backpack and my canvas tote. My gym wear, my evening dress, snacks, vitamins etc. Then I go to my favourite coffee shop to pick up either a strong soy latte with honey or strong long black with honey. 

What TV show/cast would you like to join for a day?
I’m not really big on TVs anymore. But I’d love to hang out with my teen dream idols the ‘F4’ Taiwanese boys band from ‘Meteor Garden’ TV series based on the Japanese Manga, ‘Hana Dori Danga’. 

5 things I can’t live without:
Coffee. My dresses. An amazing mascara with big brush. Manicure. Sheer stockings.

Favorite Hangouts?
Shopping in Harajuku with my sisters or my date. Specially walking around Takeshita street for sweets, fashion and accessories. An amusement park date. Specially in Disney Land. So magical and romantic. Photo shoot hangouts. Hanging out with your favourite people while you create some beautiful images together is the best.

Rosamina Bold
Rosamina Bold
Rosamina Bold
Rosamina Bold

photographer: DK Photography
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