Interview: Sophia Lieberman

Sophia Lieberman

Seattle Washington, U.S.A.

Favorite Magazine:
Same goes for magazines, I used to get vogue and stuff all the time. But I don’t really look at mags anymore. I follow a bunch of those online mags though like junnnnktank and B-authentique, which I was actually featured on once, and P magazine.

Favorite Designer:
Okay so I’m obsessed with shoes and I love Jeffery Campbell. But if I’m being honest with you I don’t really put my focus into designers and stuff.

How would your best friend describe you?
Well the first thing she said was “a piece of shit”, but then she said I’m really driven about things I care for and that I don’t care what people thing of me and I life trying to make it better for all of those around me.

How would you describe yourself in one word?
I hate these questions because they are always so difficult but I think if I were to describe myself in one word it would probably be, unique.

3 things that make you feel sexy?
Wearing something I feel confident in that day, doesn’t really matter what it is could be a dress and knee-high boots or it could be leggings and a sweatshirt, if I feel confident I feel sexy. Another thing that makes me feel sexy is just being myself honestly, I don’t go my day to please other people I focus on pleasing myself and being myself is the best way to be confident and sexy. The last thing that I would say makes me feel sexy is taking nude selfies, this might seem weird but if you are ever in a rut I always recommend standing in front of a mirror naked, take a selfie or don’t, but just complement yourself. Yeah we all have those things we don’t like about ourselves, but once I started doing this I am able to snap back from hating on myself and my body.

Do you go to the bathroom in groups? Why?
This is a weird question but I mean if my girl friends and I all have to go to the bathroom at the same time, sure. I do live in a dorm currently so its like a big ole group of girls sometimes in there. Sometimes when I’m at a party my friends have me come with the to the bathroom, but that’s not often.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?
Well if you know me, I have like a moderate form of dyslexia basically and so I was getting ice cream the other day from the store with one of my roommates and asked my boyfriend if he wanted anything and he said “ yeah, a pint of milk and cookies ice cream.” but I read it as “ yeah, a gallon of milk, and cookies ice cream.” So we went to the store and I got a gallon of milk and milk and cookies ice cream. I told him what I got and he just laughed his ass off and told me he only asked for ice cream.

Where have you never been but want to go?
There are two places at the top of my list currently, Germany and Iceland. Germany because my dad grew up there and pretzels duh, and Iceland because I heard it was stunning there. I travel a lot though so I want to go all around the world.

If you could choose, where would you like to shoot?
Oh this is hard, I’ve always had a dream to shoot with a horse in like a farm or forest but that seems cheesy so I’ll combine two shoots I want to do, on a horse in the streets of NYC. Now that would be interesting.

Love the smell of…
CINNAMON freaking loveeeee cinnamon.

What is your favorite character trait?
My favorite character trait of myself is that I never give a crap about what people say, I do what I want and wont stop doing what I want.

5 things I can’t live without:
My cats, my dog, my closest friends, my parents, and probably my phone (I’m on it way too much).

Favorite hangouts:
Honestly my room is my favorite place to hang out, it’s just so cozy. Or maybe downtown Seattle or any of the shopping areas around Seattle.

What Social Media Platform do you use?
Instagram all the way! Nothing against Snapchat (Sophia_lieberma) though. Facebook: Sophia Elizabeth Lieberman

Sophia Elizabeth Lieberman
Sophia Elizabeth Lieberman
Sophia Elizabeth Lieberman
Sophia Elizabeth Lieberman
Sophia Elizabeth Lieberman
Sophia Elizabeth Lieberman
Sophia Elizabeth Lieberman

photographer: AJ Ragasa / U.S.A.
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