monophoness valentinaoevel

Interview: Valentina Oevel

Name: Valentina Oevel Location: Currently, Chicago Illinois Favorite Designer: Right now, Versace & Fendi Favorite Magazine: Apple Pie Magazine ...
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Natalie_tally interview

Interview: Natalie Tokeszka

Name: Natalie Tokeszka Location: Born in Košice , Slovakia. Mostly traveling worldwide but currently in Mexico. Favorite Designer: Mother ...
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c0ne44ka interview applepiemag

Interview: Sonya @c0ne44ka

Name: Sonya Location: Kiev, Ukraine Favorite Designer: Nature Favorite Magazine: Vogue, Osphilia and Apple Pie Magazine What is special ...
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interview applepie magazine

Interview: Talibanani @talibanani

Name: Talibanani @talibanani Location: London, U.K. Favorite Designer: Chanel Favorite Magazine: Love How would your best friend describe you? ...
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Interview: Kinga Chorostowska

Name: Kinga Chorostowska Location: Warsaw, Poland Favorite Designer: I’m not really into fashion. Favorite Magazine: ApplePieMag of course What ...
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randyweiphoto interview

Interview: Mimi @mimihenqiang

Name: Mimi Location: Beijing, China. Actually I live in Taipei Favorite Magazine: Overdope Magazine What is special about your ...
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saradevignon interview

Interview: Sara Devignon

Name: Sara Devignon Location: Paris, France Favorite Designer: Yves Saint Laurent Favorite Magazine: Vogue, Numero What is special about ...
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kenzacalvillo interview

Interview: Kenza Calvillo

Name: Kenza Calvillo Location: Bordeaux, France Favorite Magazine: Vogue magazine What is special about your hometown? Is the fact ...
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interview shuhsienleee_model

Interview: Susan Lee @shuhsienleee_model

Name: Susan Lee Location: New York, U.S.A. Favorite Designer: Gucci Favorite Magazine: Purple magazine What is special about your ...
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katyaclover model interview

Interview: Katya @katyaclover_model

Name: Katya Location: Made in Russia, Sakhalin island, but traveling everywhere Favorite Designer: Sandro, Burberry, Maje, Revolve clothing designers, ...
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janka_jadronova interview

Interview: Jana Jadroňová

Name: Jana Jadroňová Location: Slovakia Favorite Designer: Coco Chanel Favorite Magazine: Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Eva What is special about your ...
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paris laura interview

Interview: David Kirscher

Name: David Kirscher – Photographer Location: Paris, France Favorite Designer: Karl Lagerfeld is the master Favorite Magazine: C-Heads Magazine ...
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Kitrysha model interview

Interview: Thomas Berlin

Name: Thomas Berlin – Photographer Location: Germany, Frankfurt Favorite Designer: The evolution is the most fascinating designer. Favorite Magazine: ...
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jana.pause applepiemag

Interview: Jana @jana.pause

Name: Jana Location: Stuttgart, Germany Favorite Designer: Iris van Herpen Favorite Magazine: Cicero What is special about your hometown? ...
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ailixposed applepiemag

Interview: Aili Xposed @ailixposed

Name: Aili Xposed Location: Scottsdale, U.S.A. Favorite Designer: Hermès Favorite Magazine: Harpers Bazaar What is special about your hometown? ...
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photography cyrax vesta

Interview: Vesta @late.night.ego

Name: Vesta Location: Hamburg, Germany Favorite Designer: Sagmeister & Walsh Favorite Magazine: THE OPÉRA What is special about your ...
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Interview: Kristina Efremova

Name: Kristina Efremova Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia Favorite Designer: I’m in love with OffWhite, but with style you can dress ...
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chrissi interview applepiemag

Interview: Chrissi @missfrabjous

Name: Chrissi Location: Hamburg, Germany Favorite Designer: Ulyana Sergeenko Favorite Magazine: Vintage men’s magazines, preferably from the 70s What ...
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Michael Ivnitsky editorial nude

Interview: Valeria Smolskaya

Name: Valeria Smolskaya Location: Ukraine, Kiev Favorite Designer: Zalevskiy Favorite Magazine: Buro 24/7 What is special about your hometown? ...
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Tbilisi model interview

Interview: Michael Ivnitsky

Name: Michael Ivnitsky – Photographer Location: Tel Aviv, Israel Favorite Designer: Not huge on clothes, McQueen seems to be ...
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Grace Merlin, KJ Skorge,

Interview: Josh Rhodes

Name: Josh Rhodes – Photographer Location: Newport Beach, CA Favorite Designer: Tom Ford Favorite Magazine: National Geographic What is ...
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