yannavava interview applepiemag

Interview: Yana Fiodartsava

Name: Yana Fiodartsava – @yannavava Location: Originally from Belarus, now living in Warsaw, PL Favorite Designer: Cristobal Balenciaga. Had ...
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dddomini private interview

Interview: Domini J @dddomini

Name: Domini J Location: Czech Republic Favorite Designer: Stella McCartney Favorite Magazine: Treats mag What is special about your ...
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sophia lauren willy viez

Interview: Sophia Lauren

Name: Sophia Lauren Location: Brussels, Belgium Favorite Designer: Mari moth Lingerie and Pepp underwear Favorite Magazine: Playboy What is ...
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Interview: Lolita @llitvinenko

Name: Lolita Location: Dnipro, Ukraine Favorite Designer: I don’t follow trends and fashion designers, but Valentino and Dolce & ...
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interview rxsweetlips

Interview: Rebekah Underhill

Name: Rebekah Underhill Location: New York, U.S.A. Favorite Designer: Basia Favorite Magazine: Old school – Playboy How would you ...
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kathryniacometti Josh Rhodes cali

Interview: Kathryn Iacometti

Name: Kathryn Iacometti Location: Dana Point, California Favorite Designer: Designers have never been a huge interest to me, as ...
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samuela gorska warsow model interview

Interview: Samuela @samuela.gorska

Name: Samuela Location: Warsaw, Poland Favorite Designer: Balenciaga Favorite Magazine: I prefere books, but BE ACTIVE by Ewa Chodakowska ...
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sebastianhilgetag ivy

Interview: Ivy Ha @alea_ardent

Name: Ivy Ha. Location: Swiss Favorite Designer: No one special. Like crazy stuff but Karl Lagerfeld is very nice ...
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dope0x0 interview

Interview: Anna @dope0x0

Name: Anna Location: Prague, Czech Republic Favorite Designer: Alexander Mcqueen Favorite Magazine: Vogue What is special about your hometown? ...
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carlos methfessel germany

Interview: Carioca @that.carioca

Name: Carioca Location: Vienna, Austria Favorite Designer: I am too lazy for fashion and I can be found wearing ...
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Lea Jones

Interview: Lea Jones @swissmodel_

Name: Lea Jones Location: Switzerland Favorite Designer: I love the wedding dresses from berta, but of course there are ...
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deadly nightshade nude photomodel

Interview: Chiara Bianchino

Name: Chiara Bianchino Location: Rome, Italy Favorite Designer: Gooseberry Intimates and Swimwear Favorite Magazine: Nakid Magazine What is special ...
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Interview: Willow Preston

Name: Willow Preston Location: Northern California, U.S.A. Favorite Designer: My favorite designer has always been Free People. I love ...
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sachaleyendecker lidiia nude

Interview: Lidiia Savoderova

Name: Lidiia Savoderova Location: Moscow, Russia Favorite Designer: Nature Favorite Magazine: National Geographic, special editions of Vogue What is ...
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Akkemay Muriël Smit apple pie magazine

Interview: Akkemay Muriel Smit

Name: Akkemay Muriel Smit Location: Groningen, Netherlands Favorite Designer: My best friend Riel Favorite Magazine: I never really take ...
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irene rouse interview

Interview: Alejandra Gomes

Name: Alejandra Gomes Location: Colombia Favorite Designer: Orlando Marmolejo Favorite Magazine: SoHo magazine What is special about your hometown? ...
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Interview: Svetlana Zivojinovic

Name: Svetlana (Ceca) Zivojinovic Location: Belgrade, Serbia Favorite Designer: I don’t have a favorite one but I like what ...
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valentina oevel lingerie

Interview: Valentina Oevel

Name: Valentina Oevel Location: Italy Favorite Designer: Versace Favorite Magazine: Playboy & National Geographic What is special about your ...
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nude silvia gracia

Interview: Silvia Gracia

Name: Silvia Gracia Location: Barcelona, Spain Favorite Designer: I don’t have one. I’m the kind of girl that doesn’t ...
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kelly klein vampagang

Interview: Kelly Klein @kellyklein_

Name: Kelly Klein Location: London, U.K. Favorite Designer: Me. I cut the lower half off all my T-Shirts. I ...
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insuhgrams princessfairylai interview

Interview: Elaina @princessfairylai

Name: Elaina Location: Brooklyn, New York Favorite Designer: Not really a designer girl, more of a thrifty girl Favorite ...
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