ivana sljivar interview

Interview: Ivana Sljivar

Name: Ivana Sljivar Location: Belgrade, Serbia. Now i live in Milan, Italy Favorite Designer: Alexander Wang and Vivienne Westwood ...
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mareckova market interview

Interview: Marketa M

Name: Marketa M. Location: I’m originally from Czech Republic but my home is where my passport is and that’s ...
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Mariangela interview apple pie mag

Interview: Mariangela Bonanni

Name: Mariangela Bonanni Location: Spain Favorite Designer: I don’t have one Favorite Magazine: Elle Magazine How would your best ...
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alexandra thompson interview los angeles

Interview: Alexandra Thompson

Name: Alexandra Thompson Location: Los Angeles, U.S.A. Favorite Designer: Ann Demeulemeester – 80s goth vibes Favorite Magazine: W magazine ...
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Interview: Johanna Chone

Name: Johanna Chone Location: Milan, Italy Favorite Designer: Free People Favorite Magazine: Elle How would your best friend describe ...
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giuliamarchegiani interview

Interview: Giulia Marchegiani

Name: Giulia Marchegiani Location: Rome, Italy Favorite Designer: Armani Favorite Magazine: L’Officiel How would your best friend describe you? ...
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shuhsienleee fernandopazphoto

Interview: Susan Lee @shuhsienleee

Name: Natalie Stiegelmeier Location: New York City, U.S.A. Favorite Designer: Coco Chanel Favorite Magazine: Vogue How would your best ...
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nude lyon interview

Interview: Naomi @naomi.nsh

Name: Naomi Location: Lyon, France Favorite Designer: Louis Vuitton Favorite Magazine: LUI magazine How would your best friend describe ...
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Sven Kohlmeyer editorial apple pie mag

Interview: Marie Beerlage

Name: Marie Beerlage Location: NRW, Germany How would your best friend describe you? Insightful and funny How would you ...
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hippy mia model interview

Interview: Mia Valentine

Name: Mia Valentine Location: Everywhere, I’m a digital nomad. Favorite Magazine: Playboy, W magazine Favorite Designer: Probably Gucci but ...
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Katya Williges interview jonthephotographer

Interview: Katya Williges @kattyyya

Name: Katya Williges Location: Petaluma, CA Favorite Magazine: National Geographic Favorite Designer: I really admire the masterful artwork of ...
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Juli Ju model odessa

Interview: Juli Ju @snatch3r

Name: Juli Ju Location: Odessa, Ukraine Favorite Designer: Marco De Vincenzo Favorite Magazine: Toiletpaper Magazine How would your best ...
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javierjcesar photography spain

Interview: Matilde Medina Perez

Name: Matilde Medina Perez Location: Granada, Spain Favorite Magazine: Playboy and Vogue Favorite Designer: Gucci and Maria Escoté How ...
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badmvjer model interview

Interview: Alba @badmvjer

Name: Alba @badmvjer Location: Currently in Los Angeles, but I am from Granada (Spain). Favorite Magazine: SIXTY6 and SURFER ...
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anna solovchenko interview

Interview: Anna Solovchenko

Name: Anna Solovchenko Location: Tel Aviv, Israel Favorite Magazine: Cake Mag, Plastik magazine, Vanity Fair, V Magazine Favorite Designer: ...
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amanda spain butts interview applepiemag

Interview: Amanda Spain-Butts

Name: Amanda Lynette Spain-Butts Location: Austin, Texas Favorite Magazine: National Geographic or Psychology Today Favorite Designer: Karl Lagerfeld How ...
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azusahiga applepie mag interview model

Interview: Azusa Higa @azusahiga

Name: Azusa Higa Location: Singapore Favorite Magazine: Vanity Fair , Vogue, W and Forbes. Favorite Designer: Dolce&Gabbana, YSL How ...
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anastasiya zhelvakova applepie mag

Interview: Meggi Yavorskaya

Name: Meggi Yavorskaya Location: Dnipro, Ukraine Favorite Magazine: The Sartorialist, Apple pie Magazine, P Magazine Favorite Designer: I am ...
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Interview: Jennifer Aster

Name: Jennifer Aster Location: On the road again. Right now I’m at the Charles de Gaulle airport, heading to ...
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lara granada model nude interview

Interview: Lara @laratq ​

Name: Lara Location: Granada, Spain Favorite Magazine: Jacuzzi Magazine. I love the way they can fuse fashion, sensuality, urbanism ...
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janina beck model interview

Interview: Janina Beck @ Janinabeck

Name: Janina Beck Location: Currently Washington, DC Favorite Magazine: National Geographic Favorite Designer: I have no favorite designer. But ...
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