vanessa tedesco applepiemag

Interview: Vanessa Tedesco

Name: Vanessa Tedesco Location: Right now im in Korea Favorite Designer: Chanel How would your best friend describe you? ...
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Jenny O'Sullivan

Interview: Jenny O’Sullivan

Name: Jenny O’Sullivan Location: Liverpool, U.K. Favorite Designer: William Morris Favorite Magazine: Apple pie mag of course. How would ...
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Brittany Hoffner Apple pie mag

Interview: Brittany Hoffner

Name: Brittany Hoffner Location: Los Angeles, U.S.A. Favorite Designer: Recently cane across some photos of a designer named Nguyen ...
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Denisa Cruceru

Interview: Denisa Cruceru

Name: Denisa Cruceru Location: Berlin (but born in Bucharest) Favorite Designer: Karl Lagerfeld (favorite Label: Fendi) When did you ...
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Interview: Maranda Penland

Name: Maranda Penland Location: Texas, U.S.A. Favorite Designer: I wear a lot of “Reckless girls” How would your best ...
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Interview: Judith Monzó

Name: Judith Monzó Location: Alicante, Spain Favorite Designer: Jean Paul Gaultier and Oscar de la renta, both are amazing ...
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Ballet Zaida apple pie mag

Interview: Sophie Duncan

Name: Sophie Duncan Location: Currently Vancouver, BC (Born England, UK) Favorite Magazine: Vogue, Harpers Bazaar Favorite Designer: Balmain – ...
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doris kemptner interview

Interview: Doris Kemptner

Name: Doris Kemptner Location: Vienna, Austria Favorite Designer: I love soooo many, known and unknown ones that I can ...
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hannah ridgeway

Interview: Hannah Ridgeway

Name: Hannah Ridgeway Location: Los Angeles, U.S.A Favorite Designer: Honestly. No idea. Favorite Magazine: Interview Magazine is my favorite ...
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Camila Ferreyro apple pie mag

Interview: Camila Ferreyro

Name: Camila Ferreyro Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina Favorite Designer: My mom, she makes beautiful textile art. Favorite Magazine: I ...
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martyna helena morawiec

Interview: Martyna Helena Morawiec

Name: Martyna Helena Morawiec Location: Munich, Germany Favorite Magazine: National Geographic. Yes, I am a nerd. How would your ...
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Mike Le applepiemag

Interview: RD Tio @r.d.tio

Name: R.D. @r.d.tio Location: Vancouver, U.S.A. Favorite Magazine: Vogue How would your best friend describe you? Silly and caring ...
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Alyssasky Hudson

Interview: Alyssasky Hudson

Name: Alyssasky Hudson Location: Maui, Hawaii Favorite Designer: I’m not certain I have one favorite designer, I really like ...
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Angela Hassler

Interview: Angela Hasler

Name: Angela Hasler Location: Austria Favorite Designer: Karl Lagerfeld, Guess Favorite Magazine: Maxim, Harper Bazar How would your best ...
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Daisy Boote

Interview: Daisy Boote @ daisyboote

Name: Daisy Boote Location: Brighton, U.K. Favorite Designer: Vivienne Westwood or Alexander McQueen Favorite Magazine: So hard to choose! ...
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Interview: Natasha Myndzar

Interview: Natasha Myndzar

Name: Natasha Myndzar Location: Currently in Poland Favorite Designer: Thierry Mugler Favorite Magazine: Apple Pie, Vogue How would your ...
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lara olutunmogun interview

Interview: Lara Olutunmogun

Name: Lara ‘Never Laura’ Olutunmogun. You’d be surprised the number of people get confused by that Location: London, England ...
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Sven Kristian

Interview: Sven Kristian

Name: Sven Kristian (photographer) Location: Cape Town, South Africa Favorite Designer: I hate to form part of the norm ...
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Mayra Trujillo Herrera

Interview: Mayra Trujillo Herrera

Name: Mayra Trujillo Herrera Location: Barcelona, Spain Favorite Designer: I have not a favorite Designer actually. Favorite Magazine: I ...
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marcela kolarova model interview

Interview: Marcela Kolarova

Name: Marcela Kolarova Location: Czech Republic Favorite Magazine: Elle, Harper’s Bazaa Favorite Designer: Chanel How would your best friend ...
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Carla Guetta Cohen

Interview: Carla Guetta Cohen

Name: Carla Guetta Cohen Location: Ibiza, Spain Favorite Designer: Olivier Rousteing of Balmain, (the last collection 17′ inspires me) ...
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