David Diez Studio

Interview: Aurelija Bulaukaite

Name: Aurelija Bulaukaite Location: Vilnius, Lithuania Favorite Designer: Balenciaga Favorite Magazine: Digital –, paper – Vogue. How would ...
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Amanda Zempleni Justin Cummings

Interview: Amanda Zempleni

Name: Amanda Zempleni Location: Knoxville, Tennessee Favorite Designer: I don’t keep up with fashion very well. Favorite Magazine: Favorite ...
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Daniela Poublan

Interview: Daniela Poublan

Name: Daniela Poublan Location: From Brazil originally, also a Portuguese citizen, now living in Mumbai, India. Favorite Designer: Giorgio ...
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Dana Vogelova nude editorial interview

Interview: Dana Vogelova

Name: Dana Vogelova Location: London, UK Favorite Magazine: Vogue Favorite Designer: Victoria Beckham How would your best friend describe ...
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nicole erin applepiemag

Interview: Nicole Erin @_nicole.erin

Name: Nicole Erin Location: Laguna Hills, U.S.A. Favorite Designer: Marc Jacobs Favorite Magazine: Martha Stewart Living How would your ...
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Interview Jessica Morales

Interview: Jessica Morales

Name: Jessica Morales Location: Miami, U.S.A. Hobbies: Modeling, tanning, and eating Favorite Magazine: Vogue How would your best friend ...
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kodak portra 400 lichterwaldt

Interview: Dominika Ngo-Ducová

Name: Dominika Ngo-Ducová @ M-Management SK Location: Bratislava, Slovakia Favorite Magazine: I prefer books. Favorite Designer: Alexander Wang is ...
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Sophia Elizabeth Lieberman

Interview: Sophia Lieberman

Name: Sophia Lieberman Location: Seattle Washington, U.S.A. Favorite Magazine: Same goes for magazines, I used to get vogue and ...
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Interview: Ed Little photography

Name: Ed Little – Photographer Location: London Favorite Magazine: C-Heads How would you describe yourself in one word? Curious ...
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Lenay Chanel

Interview: Lenay Chanel

Name: Lenay Chanel Location: Chicago, IL Favorite Designer: Ed Razek & Karl Lagerfeld Favorite Magazine: Women’s Health & Maxim ...
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Eden Rose Edgar Valdez

Interview: Eden Tijerina

Name: Eden Tijerina 3 things that make you feel sexy? White cotton undies, being super clean and moisturized, Don ...
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Interview: Tiffany Nguyen

Name: Tiffany Nguyen Location: Austin (Texas), U.S.A. Favorite designer: I don’t know much fashion designers either haha more into ...
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Shakira Monamour @ vauhaus agency Don Mupasi

Interview: Shakira Monamour

Name: Shakira Monamour @ Vauhaus Agency Location: Manchester, UK Favorite designer: A. Mcqueen Fav. magazine: Marie Claire How would ...
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Interview: Meghan McHugh

Name: Meghan McHugh Location: Orange County, California Favorite designer: Marc Jacobs Favorite magazine: Vogue How would your best friend ...
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Greta Aukstuolyte Leonardo Glauso

Interview: Greta Aukstuolyte

Name: Greta Aukstuolyte Location: I am from Lithuania, but currently living in Milan, Italy. Favorite designer: I don’t have a ...
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Alexandra Sweiss model interview

Interview: Alexandra Sweiss

Name: Alexandra Jasmine Sweiss, but most people just call me A.J. Alexandra is fine too. Location:  San Diego, California ...
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Haley Permenter Mike Rob

Interview: Haley Nicole Permenter 

Name: Haley Nicole Permenter  Location:  Los Angeles, U.S.A Favorite magazine: Vogue, probably! I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever bought ...
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Eliana Nohely Hagop Kalaidijan

Interview: Danae DiGiulio

Name: Danae DiGiulio @ Envy Model Management Location: West Hollywood, Los Angeles Hobbies: Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Ballet, Pilates, Hot Yoga, SoulCycle ...
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Julia Cegielski Christian H. Hasselbusch

Interview: Julia Cegielski

Name: Julia Cegielski Location:  Berlin, Germany Favorite magazine: The classic Vogue How would you describe your personal style? “Less is ...
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Lauren Hurlbut Mikel Rob

Interview: Lauren Hurlbut

Name: Lauren Hurlbut Location:  Los Angeles, U.S.A Favorite magazine: Lui How would you describe your personal style? Glow goddess vibes ...
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apple pie magazine Camila Aguiar

Interview: Camila Aguiar

Name: Camila Aguiar @ Ragazzo MGMT Location:  Espírito Santo, Brazil Favorite magazine: Acne Paper Favorite designer: Olivier Rousteing Hobbies: Gym, ...
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